Missouri’s newest cooperage is located in Ste. Genevieve County, MO.  Owner and operator, Joe Hoffmeister, built his business from the ground up on the Hoffmeister family farm where he was raised.  Joe’s interest in barrels started in 1983 when his parents started Sainte Genevieve Winery in Missouri. It was a family affair and each day provided new lessons in the wine business – including the importance of the perfect oak barrel. Joe’s intrigue for the elegant design and craftsmanship in a quality oak barrel never left him, ultimately calling him to establish Hoffmeister Barrelworks.

After earning his engineering degree, Joe joined an engineering design firm, earned an MBA, and later worked 17 years at a Fortune 500 beverage company.  In 2011, Joe met and became friends with the owners of a renowned cooperage.  The more he learned about barrel making, the more he liked the combination of hard work and engineering required to make a perfect barrel.  Joe left the corporate life to pursue his dream of making oak barrels for the wine industry. After completing a cooperage apprenticeship, Joe set upon the tasks of building the business into what it is today.